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Reuse Tiles and Simplify UI by James Holmes. Simplify and enhance Struts JSP development with Tiles.

Check Your Form with Validator by James Holmes. Simplify Struts development with Validator's rich set of built-in validations.

JSF and Struts: Competition or Coexistence -- slides from a talk by Craig McClanahan.

Struts Message Resource Doc by Nick Heudecker, System Mobile Inc.

The Validator Framework by Chuck Cavaness

Let's Struts it! - BorCon2002 (in French) by Emmanuel Boudrant.

Struts, Strat"égies et design patterns - BorCon2002 (in French) by Emmanuel Boudrant.

Fast Track to Struts by Nadir Gulzar. Chapter from a forthcoming book, "Practical J2EE Application Architecture".

Jakarta Struts: Seven Lessons from the Trenches by Chuck Cavaness.

Struts Q&A Distilled, Vol#2 by John Yu.

Struts 1.1: Should I Upgrade? by John Yu.

Jakarta Struts 1.1: Ready for Prime Time (PDF)by Chuck Cavaness.

Issues In Struts Adoption by Harry Rusli and John Yu.

Struts: A Standard Architecture for Web Applications by Don Denoncourt.

Using JAAS for Authorization and Authentication by Dan Moore.

Struts and Tiles aid component-based development by Wellie Chao.

Applying the MVC Design Pattern Using Struts by Peter Varhol

Struts: a Solid Web-App Framework by Tim Holloway

Introduction to Struts by Dave Hay. A general introduction to Struts, appropriate for team meetings. Use as-is or a basis for your own.

Struts1.1 UML Class diagrams by Emmanuel Boudrant.

Using Struts (PDF) by Larry Maturo

Mix protocols transparently in Web applications by Steve Ditlinger.

About Struts Interview With Craig McClanahan - The Server Side.

Boost Struts with XSLT and XML By Julien Mercay and Gilbert Bouzeid.

Struts, vous avez dit Struts? (in French) by Arnaud Buisine

Best Practice with Expresso Framework 4.0 (and Struts) - 2nd edition - by Peter Pilgrim.

Getting to Know Struts by Jerry Ackerman and David Dick.

UI design with Tiles and Struts by By Prakash Malani.

The Struts Framework's Action Mappings Configuration File by Wellington L.S. da Silva

Web Development Products Spreadsheet by Dan Cancro.

Layering Applications by Scott Stanchfield.

MVC and Struts by Steven Sweeting, Clive Jones, and Aaron Rustad.

Introduction to Jakarta Struts Framework by Sue Spielman.

Learning Jakarta Struts, Part 2

Is Struts Performant? by Ted Husted -- An analysis of framework components, and how they contribute to overall efficiency.

Struts for Everyone by Jonathan Asbell -- Word document zipped for download. Early release: still in working draft form.

Approaches to User Authentication and Access Control in Web Applications by Craig McClanahan. Slides from the JavaOne BOF (June 2001 #1291). Star Office Format. Zipped for download.

Support your application development with Struts by McClanahan, McCay, and Bergenholtz.

JSP Insider 4: An Introduction to Struts - by Casey Kochmer.

Struts, an open-source MVC implementation by Malcom Davis .

Strut Your Stuff With JSP Tags by Thor Kristmundsson .

Using the Struts Framework to Develop a Message Board by Maneesh Sahu (article requires registration with

JSP templates by David Geary .