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StrutsDoc is an Ant task that generates JavaDoc-like documentation from a Struts configuration file. StrutsDoc currently only supports the 1.1 version of Struts. StrutsDoc is released under the BSD license.

An example of the generated output can be seen here.

What's New

0.5 - 28 July 2003

  • XSL Cleanup
  • Fixes a bug with the Validator plugin

0.4 - 15 September 2003

  • Adds Validator support
  • Fixes a bug with the Tiles plugin

0.3.1 - 29 July 2003

  • Adds a Spanish version of the user guide
  • Fixes a few minor bugs

0.3 - 25 July 2003

  • Supports modules
  • New layout
  • Plugin API
  • stxx and Tiles plugins
  • Action forward paths now linkable
  • Tons of fixes and cleanups

0.2.1 - 22 April 2003

  • Fixes problem with generation of Data Source documentation. Thanks to Scott Carlson for pointing this out.


The distribution can be found here.


Since StrutsDoc uses XSLT to create the documentation, it requires Xalan to perform the transformations. If you're running JDK 1.4.x or better, you will not need to provide Xalan.

StrutsDoc also requires Ant.

Usage Notes

The user guide is included in the distribution.

Known Bugs

The config.html file doesn't display element content. This appears to be a problem in the recursive template used to create the colorized version of the config file. I'm hoping to have this resolved shortly.


Please contact Nick or Don with comments, bug reports, and suggestions.

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