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Spring Framework Integration Library for Struts by Don Brown.

StrutsDoc - A JavaDoc-type documentation tool for Struts and Struts-related configuration files

Wildcard-Matched Actions by Don Brown - Allows wildcards to be used in Struts 1.1+ action mappings.

Struts Action Scripting by IBM AlphaWorks - a Struts plug-in that allows development of Struts actions using the power and simplicity of any favorite scripting language.

Scriptable Actions by Don Brown - Allows Struts Actions to be written in the scripting language of one's choice rather than as Java classes. It uses the Beans Scripting Framework to allow scripts to be written in any language BSF supports like Python (usingJython), Ruby (usingJRuby), JavaScript (usingRhino ), or BeanShell.

Expresso 5.0.3 by jCorporate - Expresso provides a foundation set of reusable, standards-based Java software components designed to shorten time-to-delivery of Web applications, and is integrated with the Struts framework. See also Best Practice with Expresso Framework 4.0 .

ImageButtonBeanManager by Ken Fitzpatrick. Combines the HTML Image Tag and the ImageButtonBean class in a manner analgous to the Struts HTML Submit Tag. by John Raley. A Class-creation API with very simple but powerful Map-to-JavaBeans translation

Workflow Extension by Matthias Bauer - An extension to the core Struts framework which provides control flow between actions.

JDeveloper9i 9.0.3 w/ Struts, J2EE 1.3, et. al. by Oracle. Developer's Preview of interest to Struts users who might be using (or might want to evaluate) Oracle's JDeveloper Java IDE

Struts Action Plug-in Extension 1.0 (for Struts 1.1b) by ASQ dot COM. Provides a clean and transparent way to plug-in common controller logic (such as authentication, workflow, etc.) for all Struts actions in an application

SSL Ext by eBuilt, Inc. - Switch between using the http & https protocols on a page by page basis. See README.txt.

HTMLTable framework for Struts framework by Yuriy Zubarev - Incorporate look and feel and behaviour (in terms of columns order) of tables in XML configuration file with capabilities of properties inheritance.

Simper by Bryan Field-Elliot - A simple persistence mechanism - wraps up table rows as "Dynabeans" (see Jakarta Commons BeanUtils, nightly build ), automatically detects changes, and writes the changes back to the database upon completion of each web request; supports creating, deleting rows, querying; basic relations (1-1 and 1-m).

webAppWriter by dataFundamentals - A Struts application that generates code for Struts applications a/la Expresso.

StrutsTestCase for JUnit by Deryl Seal - An extension of the standard JUnit TestCase class that provides facilities for testing code based on the Struts framework.

ISValidator by Inigo Serrano - Validates data in differents scenarios, command line arguements, Servlets Parameters, et cetera. Includes example using theLogonForm from the example application.

StrutsResourcesChecker by David White - Parses struts JSP files and looks for those tags which make reference to the application properties file.

Pow2ACL by Luca Fossato - Access Control List library. Track of application users roles and permissions. User can be authenticated: - directly using the package API - using custom JSP tag libraries.

Struts .. in Rose by Emmanuel.Boudrant - Use Struts with the Rational Rose UML model.

Multi-Controller by Sukachevin, Stoehr - Use more than once ActionServlet in your Struts application

JavaScript with html:errors - new Struts validation by Adam Grohs.

Dynamic ActionForm Properties by Jan Sorensen.

Bean Utils with Indexed Strings by Gregor Rayman.

Role-Based Actions by Nic Hobs. Set a security role for an Action from with struts-config.

ValueIterator by Ted Husted - Simple wrapper around a RowSet for use with Struts iterator tag. Also includes generic toMap(), set(map) methods for flexible data transfer.

Mapper Framework by Capco - The Mapper framework can be used for automating the process of validating/converting/transferring data fields. (See README to get started. Updated 18-JUL-2001.)

Bean factory by Oleg V Alexeev - Adds the ability to easily link data bean creation to any Struts Action. All information about databeans and actions mappings stored in the standard Struts configuraton file.

Struts Validator [Now bundled with Struts 1.1] by David Winterfeldt - Perform basic validations to check if a field is required, matches a regular expression, and some basic type checking. Different validation rules can be defined for different locales. The framework has basic support for user defined constants which can be used in some field attributes. The validation routines are modifiable in the validation.xml file so custom validation routines can be created and added to the framework.