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Struttin' with Struts by Rick Reumann - How to use iBATIS Database Layer with Struts, lessons and examples.

The Struts Quiz by Ted Husted - Part of an ongoing series at

Struts meets Swing by Keld H. Hansen - Learn how to add a Swing client to your Struts application.

Introduction to Struts by Roger W. Barnes - PowerPoint Presentation reviewing the basics of the Struts was architecture.

Struts Cross-Reference by Roger W. Barnes - (PDF) Shows how the struts-config of the Struts MailReader example relates to its Java classes and JavaServer Pages.

Create Better Web Apps with Struts by Kevin Jones.

Stepping through Jakarta Struts by Keld H. Hansen.

Coding your second Jakarta Struts Application by Keld H. Hansen.

How Do I use Jakarta Struts with Oracle9i JDeveloper? by Oracle Corporation.

Struts Tips by Ted Husted - Practical cut-and-paste advice.

Struts Tutorial by Stephan Wiesner - An easy step by step introduction to Struts.

Struts i18n by Aaron Rustad.

How To: (Form-Based Authentication) use the form-error page to login by Matt Raible.

WebSphere Version 4 Application Development Handbook (PDF) - IBM Redbook, Chapter 7 covers designing with both the Struts and WebSphere frameworks.

Struts Catalog by Ted Husted - Overview of Struts Design Patterns and Strategies.

HOWTO Setup and Debug STRUTS Example in Forte by Michael Mok.

JBuilder 5, Struts 1.0 & WebLogic 6.0, a Tutorial by Markus Colombo.

Using JBuilder5 with Struts 1.0 Release by Anthony Martin.

3148 Configuring AppServer to Work with Struts by Ken Sipe (7/25/2001)

3004 Building Extensible Web Frameworks Using XML, XSL-T, and Java by Richard Vowles 7/21/2001

Strut by Strut by Ted Husted - Building a web application from the ground up (maintenance release 2001/Aug/19).

Nested Tags by Arron Bates - Two part tutorial, from straight-up beginners to intermediate. Also a good kicker for simply learning nesting.

Tree Structures by Arron Bates - Two part tutorial, which uses the Nested Tags in Struts 1.1 (or separate download) to create dynamic tree structures.

J2EE Tutorial - Featuring Struts 1.0 tags.

Welcome to the Struts Framework by Bluestone Software .

An Introduction to Struts by Casey Kochmer.

Struts UML Diagrams (PDF) by Jean-Pierre Schnyder.

Blueprinting a Struts Application by Ted Husted - Sample specification and API for the Struts Example application.

Jakarta Struts: A Beginner's Tutorial by Isabelle Hurbain - For people who want to learn Struts from scratch.