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Cocoon Plugin by Don Brown. Integrates Apache Cocoon into the Struts 1.1+ framework. Struts forwards can be passed to Cocoon to be rendered in Cocoon XML pipelines. Works alongside traditional Struts forwards.

VelocityStruts by the Velocity Team. The VelocityStruts sub-project of Velocity Tools integrates Velocity with Struts and enables the use of velocity templates interchangeably with JSP pages for the view layer.

FreeMarker 2.2.3 - "template engine"; a generic tool to generate text output (anything from HTML or RTF to autogenerated source code) based on templates).

StrutsCX: Struts with Castor XML and XSLT by Bernhard Woehrlin

Stxx - Stxx is an extension to Struts, extending its existing functionality to help Action classes build XML that will be transformed by technologies like XSL and Velocity (Anakia) .

Struts XSLT Code Generator by Shengmeng Liu - An XSLT based code generator for Struts, completely based on the XSLT transformation and a set of stylesheet files. Ideally, users can customize the stylesheet for each type of Struts files to have templates of their own without having to access the source code and recompile it.

Boost Struts with XSLT and XML By Julien Mercay and Gilbert Bouzeid.